Plastic injection moulding and assembling

Our core activity is injection moulding of plastic parts from thermoplastics besides we undertake part design, tool making subcontracting mould makers from Hungary and from the fare east countries, procurement of auxiliaries, assembling. 

Our machinery consists of modern and productive moulding machines from Arburg, Battenfeld, KraussMaffei.

Clamping force ranges between 600 and 3500 kN. Injection capacity reaches 1000 ccm/PS.

We highly concerned technology cooling system and temperature controllers in order to provide high reliability, availability and efficiency. Therefore we opted for Swiss made Tool-Temp machines. In order to reach higher energy efficiency we installed dry chillers too.

We have some essential metalworking machines: drilling-, milling- and turning machine. Tool reconfiguration, maintenance, regular check and some repairs are made inhouse.

Efficient, well organised plastic part production

When production is to be optimized our principal is to produce parts in constant and reuired quality with low cycle time and efficient resource consumption. Depending on the application's characteristics the efficiency is improved by robots and conveyor belts built to suit the concrete case. Our Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) facilitates, among others the efficient production management. 

Machinery investments and improvements are continousely aligned with customers' projects and our products needs.

We undertake complete project management: product design, coordinate toolmaker, pilot production, technology optimisation, mass production, procurement of auxiliaries, warehousing, logistic tasks, tool financing.