PlastEverest - plastic injection moulding - MILESTONES

  • 1991: Foundation of V & V CRANE Ltd. supplier of steel structures and modular, relocatable warehouses of NATO and the US Army
  • 2011: Innauguration of the injection moulding plant diversificating the activity
  • 2016: PlastEverest buys the facility of 1400m2 and injection moulding become the main activity
  • 2020: GOM ATOS Core 5M Professional Optical Measuring System with VDI 2634 certificate. MSA, SPC, PPAP, FMEA, 8D are core tools of us
  • 2021: ISO9001/2015 certified QMS, download certificate
  • 2022: Number of injection moulding machines reaches 8 when 2 new servo electric driven ones are set up for production, robotization starts, clamping force rages between 600 and 3500 kN. Injection capacity reaches 1000 cm3 of PS.
  • 2022: Automatization: robot and special purpose machine integration, several hours of automatization, video presentation

Plastic injection moulding is part of our activities, you can take advantage of much more!

Our target is to become a recognized player in the plastics industry among SME companies and establish long lasting partnership with our Partners. In order to succeed and satisfy our Partners we highly concern quality, reliability and leadtimes of either our products and supply to clients subcontracting PlastEverest. To meet this goal we can count with the stable financial background of the company and the professional skills of our employees, QMS according to ISO and our Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) assure smooth operation, warehousing, manufacturing, capacity planning.

Behalf of the production of own products we are subcontracting for injection moulding, assembly of plastic parts and complete project management comprised of part design, tool making, production of plastic parts, procurement of additional components, assembly. Be a Partner of PlastEverest and take the opportunity of our continuous improvements tailored to your needs.

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